Single Family HOA

Board of Directors

Dominic Celima - President

Robert Shumski - Treasurer

Kim Davenport - Secretary

Single Family Management Company
Terra Management Services

Radley Travez



Phone: 813-374-2363

Click below for information about the 2016 Single Family Annual Meeting
2016 Annual Meeting Notes

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Alteration Application - Use the Single Family Alteration Application for any changes to the exterior of your home within your property lines.

Exterior Paint Form - Use this form to submit your request to paint your Single Family house.

2023 Single Family Paint Colors  

Alteration Application for Driveways Form - Use this form to submit your request for concrete resurfacing, pavers, acrylic stamping for your Single Family house.

Concrete Sealer Instructions

lndemnity Agreement Form - must accompany alteration application for driveway when the sidewalk goes through your driveway.

What's New with Key Vista Single Family HOA


There will be NO April meeting due to the annual meeting being held at 6:30 PM on Thursday, May 30th

Friendly Reminders

Homeowners should:

  • Edge lawns, including the back sides of fences

  • Remove grass clippings; please do not leave them in the street to be washed down storm water drains.

  • Maintain driveways and sidewalks from crack weeds in expansion joints

  • Keep garbage cans in the driveway skirt for pick-up and OUT OF SIGHT after pick-up


The Key Vista Single Family Homeowners' Association exists to enforce the community covenants and deed-restrictions. Complaints should be made in writing on the complaint formThe Single Family Board is responsible for reviewing and enforcing the architectural changes within the Single Family community.

Alterations to your exterior property must receive approval before changes begin. Apply for alterations on the alteration form. Terra Management handles complaints and alterations for the Board.

The Board of Directors are volunteer residents of the Key Vista Community, so please join them in helping to improve our community and increase our property values.

Mailbox Maintenance and Painting

Replacing that old worn mailbox can enhance your property's appearance, provide better protection for your mail and help beautify our community at the same time.


 - If your mailbox needs cleaning, try using a “Mr. Clean Magic Eraser” pad and water.  It works great.


 - The mailbox post is SW7571, the trim can match the trim on the house or a Rustoleum forest green