Vista Point Villas HOA
Board of Directors Property Manager
Kerry Cushing - President,  813-786-1315       

David Sneddon - Vice President 732-864-5136

John Mariane - Treasurer        773-851-6252

Marie Hawkins- Secretary,      727-945-0794

Lee Kalessis  - Director,         330-461-0422
Chuck Pitassi
Resource Property Management
28100 US Hwy 19N, Suite 200
Clearwater, FL 33761
Phone:(727) 796.5900
Fax    :(727) 796.5011

Chuck's Administrative Assistant
Carrie Vadino
Phone:(727) 796.5900, Ext 2121

Design Review Board
Ro Massimo   - Co-Chair  - 727-942-4229
Pam Feinstein - Co-Chair
Tom Simms                   - 609-522-8480

Villas HOA Board Meetings
Villas BOD meetings are held the 4th Monday of the month at 7:00pm, unless otherwise noted.

2020 Minutes 2019 Minutes 2018 Minutes 2017 Minutes
January January January January
February 13th
February 24th
  February February

March Annual
March March Special w/Attorney  
March Organizational March Annual March Annual

April 8th Meeting

April 22nd Meeting

April 29th Meeting
Meeting attachment:
 - Working Group Charter
from April 29th Meeting

April Annual Reconvened
April April
May May May
June June - Bulk Cable August - Special
July June August Minutes
Meeting attachment:
 - Estoppel

August July September
  August October 7th
Meeting attachments:
- Meeting Participation Policy Resolution
- After Action Report for Hurricane Dorian

September October 30th
October 7th
October 28th
November November  
  November Membership  

2016 Minutes 2015 Minutes 2014 Minutes
January January - N/A January
February February - N/A February
March Organizational
March March
April April - N/A April
May May - N/A May
June - No Meeting June June & Special July
July - No Meeting July - No Meeting July - No Meeting
August - No Meeting August - No Meeting August - No Meeting
September (Held on October 6th) September September
October October October
November - N/A November November
December December December

2013 Minutes 2012 Minutes
January January
February February
March March
April April
May May
June June - n/a
July - No Meeting July - No Meeting
August - No Meeting August - No Meeting
September September
October October
November November
November - Special  
December - No Meeting December


Approved Budget
2020 Approved Villas Budget 2019 Approved Villas Budget 2018 Approved Villas Budget
2017 Approved Villas Budget 2016 Approved Villas Budget 2015 Approved Villas Budget
2014 Approved Villas Budget 2013 Approved Villas Budget 2012 Approved Villas Budget
2011 Approved Villas Budget    

Financial Reviews
2018 Financial Review 2017 Financial Review 2016 Financial Review
2015 Financial Review 2014 Financial Review 2013 Financial Review